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Saturday, 19 October, 2019

Fraud Check

Protect yourself from Fraud

At Freedom loans we work hard to ensure we always work within very strict guidelines to keep your personal information you share with us safe and secure, and protected from fraudsters at all times. Fraud is high within the lending and online loan sectors and so it’s important that we alert you to the serious potential scams that fraudsters could do to try commit fraud against you. When sharing your information, please always be extremely alert of the threat of potential fraudsters, and ensure that you always take all necessary precautions to protect yourself.

Important tips

Never share any of your personal information to people or companies that approach you, especially if you cannot identify them.

Never ever send or pay money to a person or company if you don't remember previously applying with them.

Please be aware of the following:

Our loan finding service is 100% FREE. Freedom Loans will NEVER ask you for ANY fees whatsoever.

Clone or CopyCat firms

This is when a fraudster steals the identity and pretends to be Freedom Loans and makes contact with you demanding that you pay money upfront in order to get your loan paid out. If you have not made an application directly with us before (on our website) and you are contacted via email, SMS or phone call from someone claiming to be from Freedom Loans, then this is a SCAM. These types of fraudsters will often create fake loan agreement documents or funding certificates that appear to be from us. They will also try to communicate with you through fake email addresses that do not belong to freedom loans (like gmail emails etc). If Freedom Loans ever needs to contact you, we will only ever do so with this exact email address - if you receive an email from ANY other email address claiming to be Freedom Loans then this is a scam. They do this to give the impression that your loan application has been fully approved and is ready for pay-out. Often they will advise that you have been fully approved for a very large sum of money. They will then ask you to pay a fee/money directly into their bank account in order to get your loan paid out.

Be alert and pay attention to the language, grammar, and spelling they use in all their methods of communication with you as this will also indicate it is a scam if poor English language is used. If you ever receive any emails, sms's, letters or phone calls from anyone claiming to be from Freedom Loans stating that your loan has been fully approved, and if they ask you to pay any amount of money before the loan is paid to you, then please IMMEDIATELY report this to us as well as to


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