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Saturday, 19 October, 2019

About Us

Freedom Loans is online Loan Broker that offers South Africans a quick and easy way to access short term, or payday loans via an online application process. We help people with various financial needs, ranging from personal loans, debt consolidation, emergency cash, bad credit histories and poor credit scores, home improvements, or even funds towards unexpected expenses.

We are not a lender, but a broker that works with multiple highly respected micro lenders and banks. When you apply for a loan through us, your application will be instantly submitted to over 7 different lenders who will screen your details, and make a lending decision. This method saves you time from manually submitting multiple applications to various lenders, and importantly, it increases your chance of getting your loan approved.

We do not have call centres, and we do not operate through old fashioned conventional methods. All our services are web based and electronic, which means we can truly offer a better and faster service to all our customers.


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